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A Guide to Digital Signs

What are Digital Signage Screens

Digital signage displays enable targeted advertising and promotional messages to consumers via moving digital images (or slides) on a digital LCD screen (backlit with LEDs) or LED Pixel screens (with individual LEDs actually making up the screen itself). The digital content can be frequently and easily managed and updated either directly to the digital signage screen or remotely through a local network or the internet.

Why use Digital Signage Screens from W&Co?

What is Digital Signage

• Quality & Simplicity
W&Co offers a range of LG and Samsung digital signage screens which are made to the highest quality are secure and are also very quick and easy to set up and simple to use.

• Warranty
All our stock digital screens offered come with a manufacturer's 3 year warranty, which includes our 'collect - repair - return' policy, for your total peace of mind.

• Bespoke Screens
Custom made digital signage screens can be created to various shapes, sizes and functionality to make your digital signage the most unique and eye catching advertising display possible.

• Built in Software
The digital screens come ready-to-go with all the necessary digital signage scheduling software built in for you to design your own playlists easily uploaded via LAN, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks or simply via a USB drive for a direct 'Plug & Play' option.

• Commercial Grade
The digital screens are commercial grade, which means they are more robust, secure and durable than normal TV screens. The colours remain sharp over time so that they can provide 24/7 digital advertising and public messaging without any fading or image ghosting.

What Digital Screen Types & Sizes are there?

What Digital Screen Sizes & Styles are there

W&Co stocks a wide range of Samsung and LG digital signage screens and also offers bespoke digital signage to suit your requirements. These are all made to the highest quality, are secure and are also very simple to use.

Wall Mounted Digital LCD Screens
Standard wall mounted digital screens with are available in a sleek tablet style with rounded corners from small 10" POS screens up to large format 98" screens. They can be positioned in portrait or landscape formats, or special LCD screens with a narrow bezel can be grouped together to create huge video walls.

Freestanding Digital LCD Screens
Stylish freestanding digital screens are available from 50" up to 84" and are the ideal solution for bringing your digital advertising or message closer to the consumer in open areas.

High Brightness Digital Window Displays
Especially designed for use in window displays, super high brightness screens show their content in direct sunlight to ensure the advertising message can always be seen. These digital screens are available in 32" to 75" sizes and can come in a high bright 1500cd/m2 or an ultra high bright 2500cd/m2.

See Through LED Mesh Displays
Also for window displays there are see through LED digital mesh displays which catches the customer's eye while at the same time allows them to see through the display into the shop, showroom or exhibition stand. These are individual high brightness coloured LEDs set in to a modular mesh system which can tile up to the required size.

LED Pixel Screens
For large outdoor applications there are LED pixel screens which are made up of individual high brightness colour LED modules set into panels which can be tiled together over vast areas, as you often see used as advertising hoardings at football matches.

LCD Video Walls
For large format applications there are LCD video walls where individual screens are tiled together to make overall screens to the size you require with the content automatically distributed across the whole video wall.

Bespoke Digital Signage Screens
Essentially as we can produce bespoke digital signage the size and style can be pretty much how you want it to be. Your choice of digital signage can come with completely custom made metalwork for housing the screen and it can also come in various colours or with the addition of digitally printed vinyl wraps applied with logos and designs to meet your brand requirements.

How do I get Content onto the Digital Screen?

Digital Screens for Rent in Retail

• Plug & Play

Our high definition (HD) LCD and slim-line LED digital advertising screens use an uncomplicated Plug & Play system where your image and movie files are simply loaded to a USB drive and inserted into the back of the screen via a secure compartment. The data is loaded, the USB drive is removed and the screen will automatically loop the content.

• Networking

If you need to have a number of digital screens in various locations then we can offer screens with a network option so that you can update the content remotely via LAN, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks.

Is the Digital Signage Secure?

All of our commercial grade digital screens come without accessible buttons or controls. The USB ports are all contained within a secure lockable compartment. The digital screens can be securely fixed to a wall with a slim-line security wall mount bracket supplied.

What are the best locations for Digital Signage?

Digital signage screens are becoming more and more popular as they are ideal for advertising, promotions and informative messaging in a multitude of places. The optimum locations are generally considered to be where there is a captive audience, this is where a customer is waiting or browsing for a while, such as: within retail stores, marketing suites, shopping centres, restaurants, banks, museums, schools, hospital waiting areas, train stations, cinemas foyers, leisure centres, fast food outlets, airports terminals, hotels receptions and bars etc.

Please contact our friendly and helpful sales team for further information and advice regarding the best digital signage solution for your requirements.

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