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Venus LED Pavement Sign

Venus LED Pavement Sign

Made inIP RatedCertifiedEco

Venus LED Illuminated Pavement SignThe Venus LED illuminated pavement sign is a premium battery powered freestanding portable sign for bringing promotional graphics closer to customers in areas such as high streets, shopping malls, retail parks and forecourts - with the added benefit of LED illumination to ensure your advertising message is always noticed!

The prints on either side of the pavement sign are backlit with a LED light panel, utilising Osram LEDs, to offer bright and even graphic illumination. Being illuminated it greatly stands out from every other pavement sign, especially when the evenings draw in, as it essentially becomes the only pavement sign that can be seen, so it is far more likely to catch your customers' eyes and help generate more sales.

The graphic can be changed easily via polycarbonate front covers that hinge open to allow access to the backlit print. The covers have seals on to make the unit completely weatherproof (IP64 rated) to ensure the prints are kept totally dry.

The power for illuminating the pavement sign comes from a premium PO4 lithium rechargeable battery, an ingenious power supply solution sourced from the aerospace industry. This rechargeable battery combines high power and large charge capacity with a reduced weight and size and is hidden securely inside the base. The illumination lasts up to 18 hours from one single charge and the battery can be recharged hundreds of times. Replacement or spare batteries can be supplied separately.

The LED illuminated pavement sign also offers robust security features including lockable front covers to keep the poster secure and the battery compartment in the base is also lockable.

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Ford '...we were delighted with the product and service you offered us.'

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