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Westfield Shopping Centre

Architectural lighting features are 'a winner' for Westfield Stratford Olympic site.

W&Co was invited to assist in the production of architectural feature lighting for Westfield shopping centre at Stratford City, Europe's largest urban shopping centre and the gateway to the Olympic Park.

The brief from Westfield's in-house design team was to install unique bulkhead feature panels incorporating LED light panels and illuminated flat light panel balustrades for installation on various levels in the interior of the central and northern arcades of the shopping centre.

The top floor bulkhead was made up of huge flat blocks creating a large brick-effect, with some protruding and some recessed from the main wall. These bespoke blocks were made up of ACM (aluminium composite material) panels as the back tray and a front cover of opal polycarbonate. Some of the blocks were illuminated with the high bright LED light panels and some were left non-illuminated to give a sporadic lighting effect. These blocks continued along the bulkhead for nearly 400m, with many individual blocks being a different size and shape.

The lower floor bulkheads were a continuous stretch of what essentially were LED light walls in different sizes butting up together with toughened glass fascias. Underneath the handrails on various levels were the illuminated balustrades which again are made up of LED light panels with toughened glass fascias which created what is probably one of the longest LED light walls ever produced.

The high brightness LED light panels proved far superior to the original intended use of fluorescent tubes, with a far better spread of light across the face, more energy efficiency and only a fraction of the time required for servicing as LED light panels have a 50,000 hour life expectancy compared to 10,000 for fluorescent tubes.

The high brightness LED light panels were all designed and manufactured in the UK and were installed over period of eight weeks, four weeks ahead of schedule.

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