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Tamper Resistant Poster Frames

The tamper-resistant poster frame is perfect for use *outside or wherever interference with the poster could be expected. The inner side of the tamper-resistant profile fits flush to the protection panel and poster. This prevents fingers from being able to get any purchase underneath the frame to lift it up.

To open these frames you need a special strengthened polypropylene opening tool. To use the tool, simply place it over the frame profile, with the handle facing inwards towards the centre of the poster frame, lock the tool onto the poster frame profile and then lift the leaver opening the frame profile outwards. Repeat this process on all 4 sides and then remove the anti-glare protection panel and change the poster as normal.

*Although our tamper resistant poster frames are weather resistant, poster prints used in these frames must be weather resistant too. When the frames are exposed to wet weather conditions a small amount of water can enter, this water channels out again, but the water can make contact with the print and cause detrimental damage to the print if it is not water resistant.