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Lambda printing, or LightJet printing, produces the highest quality photographic prints available for large format printing display graphics from digital artwork. Whether the prints are onto photographic paper, film or Duratrans, Lambda printing gives sharp photographic images, continuous tone and high-impact colour photographic prints. Lambda is the name and common reference to the process, equipment and product which has taken over from the traditional photographic process.

Lambda printing gives the highest resolution display graphics on the market today for high-impact trade show and retail displays or essentially anywhere that the highest quality and resolution is required. Using continuous tone digital technology, photographic display graphics are produced by transferring images directly from computer generated digital files to reflective or backlit photographic materials without the need of a negative. Within the equipment, there are three lasers, red, green and blue, which are merged into a single beam that simultaneously exposes the photographic material, producing the image in a single pass. The photographic material is then processed in the same manner as traditional photography by developing the photographic material in a "wet" film processor.

By using the lasers, the total image is crisp and precise edge to edge, with no distortion. All of this means that the quality of a Lambda print will be much better in terms of clarity, sharpness and in colour saturation than other large format printing processes.

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W&Co offer various large format printing options for your lightbox, including photo quality HP latex prints onto backlit film or photographic Lambda Duratrans prints. The graphic design can be undertaken by us or printed directly from your digital file. Any graphics printed by W&Co can be fitted into your light box free of charge prior to dispatch. Please contact us for a free quote.