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Apache Totem Light Box

Apache Illuminated Totem

EU MadeCertified

The Apache Illuminated Totem display, also known as a light column or pylon, is a free-standing illuminated sign which is perfect for free standing retail display, shop promotions, car showrooms, cinema foyers and in-store signs. They come with a front loading snap frame to hold backlit graphics on both sides and also allowing for easy graphic changes. The display is internally illuminated to create what essentially is a double-sided free standing lightbox.

On either side of the illuminated totem there is a sheet of opal acrylic diffuser and a clear anti-glare front sheet, in-between which the backlit print is sandwiched. These are fitted into the system in a curved configuration for a panoramic perspective, creating a versatile display medium which is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely effective.

The vertical profiles and the top plate are made from anodised aluminium and the base from steel which ensures the totem is very stable. The Apache Illuminated Totem uses TL daylight fluorescent tubes, which can be changed easily without the need for special tools.

NB. Banding or shadowing can occur in fluorescent tube illuminated backlit displays. For best illuminated graphic results in fluorescent tube backlit light boxes please avoid large areas of single solid colours in the digital artwork. If you are unsure whether artwork is suitable please contact one of our technicians for advice

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