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A guide to LED illumination

LED Light Panel

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are a low energy, long life light source used frequently as an alternative to fluorescent tube lighting. The greater reliability and durability of LEDs can offer up to 100,000 hour lifetimes, over 8 times longer than fluorescent tubes. LEDs generate very little heat making them ideal for use in light boxes and light panels and creating considerable energy savings. An average 40 watt light bulb, if left on for 10 hours a day, will generate 89kg of CO2 each year whereas a 13 watt LED equivalent will only generate 29kg of CO2 over the same time span.

W&Co products use LEDs made in Europe to ensure the highest quality of illumination. It is also important to consider that high quality LEDs themselves are not entirely responsible for high quality illumination, the electrical consumption is determined by all of the components (LEDs, resistors, power supply…) all of which at W&Co are CE certified.

Whilst LEDs may have a higher initial outlay the energy saving can re-coup this cost in a short period of time meaning that LEDs are overall more cost effective than fluorescent tubes.

Here are some important details to note regarding LEDs:

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