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The Benefits of Lightboxes for Advertising

Boots POS Light Boxes Overview

Why use lightboxes?
Lightboxes are widely recognised as one of the most effective advertising mediums available. Promotional posters and corporate signage which utilises the combination of illumination and colour are far more likely to catch a potential customer's eye than a non-illuminated poster or sign would do.

How do you know lightboxes are so effective?
Market research has shown that illuminated advertising attracts a much higher customer footfall, enables quicker customer processing and offers a significant increase sales compared to non-illuminated advertising. Here are some examples:

i) Fortis bank had a financial product they wished to promote, they utilised double-sided lightboxes in some of their branch windows to illuminate the promotional poster and non-illuminated poster frames in the others. Their market research highlighted that the banks with backlit illuminated poster displays had an increase of over 30% sales of the advertised product in comparison to banks with exactly the same advert but displaying non-illuminated posters.

ii) Boots reduced the time that customers spent at their digital photo counters by 3-4 times, simply by replacing their non-illuminated menu signage displaying services and prices with bespoke illuminated menu lightbox displays.

iii) Bacardi market research has shown that the majority of people in a nightclub environment were not sure of what they were going to order when going to the bar. When their promotion was illuminated the increase in sales of the specific promoted drink increased by over 100%.

Where are lightboxes used most effectively?
Lightboxes are proven to be extremely successful advertising tool for various illuminated display and sign applications including: retail point of sale displays; corporate signs for business premises; outdoor advertising; airport signage and displays for duty free and lounges; train station notice boards and time tables; nightclub, pub and bar promotions; restaurant menu boards and signage; showroom information and promotional displays; and exhibitions or trade shows.

Illuminated window displays are a great way maximize your visibility and double-sided light boxes in a shop window advertises to both customers inside the and outside the store. Freestanding illuminated displays are the perfect way to bring your promotional message closer to the customer so work really well in larger areas such as showrooms and department stores.

Illuminated displays and signs achieve far more attention from customers than non-illuminated versions and as a consequence help drive significantly more sales, therefore, lightboxes should be considered a prudent investment to any company looking to increase brand awareness and sales revenue.

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