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What to expect from the Lighting Industry in 2015

LED Light Panel Desk

The continuing demand for contemporary and slim-line light sources has ensured the popularity of LED light panels with lighting specifiers over recent years, for applications such as feature lighting and graphic illumination. However, some light panels have had their limitations whether it is brightness, even light spread, scalability or even quality.

Fortunately the future is bright for 2015, there has been an evolution of the LED light panel which addresses all these issues and more. The Diamond LED light panel from W&Co Displays and Signs, aptly named as it has a facetted geometric pattern etched into the panel meaning the light is emitted at various angles to give more even illumination. The panel is backed with a highly reflective sheet resulting in increased brightness.

This lighting technique also allows for greater scalability at thinner depths, whereby the 8mm deep light panel works in conjunction with a diffuser that can sit just 15-20mm from the light source. You can also butt light panels up side-by-side without creating shadow lines.

The Diamond’s quality finish is also second to none, with its premium anodised aluminium edge which covers the LEDs at the sides to prevent spotting and also works as a highly efficient heat sink to dissipate the heat.

Add to these benefits: a wider range of colour temperatures (2700-6500k); custom shapes and sizes as well as a variety of accessories including dimmer controls; RGB drivers and DMX controllers; the Diamond Light Panel will be the ideal choice for lighting designers in 2015 and is sure to leave its competitors in the dark.

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