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What does the Future hold for Digital Signage?

Due to its variable nature, digital signage can be optimised to boost your campaign according to your advertising needs. It comes in different formats from multi-screen video walls and single large format screens to shelf edge displays, free standing kiosks and tablet form. All of which can be mixed and matched to help you engage with your target audience and reach your goals.

A report by Infiniti Research Limited predicted the global digital display market to grow by 15% in 2019. Recent statistics also show that digital signage increases overall sales volume by 31.8 percent.

With its steady growth and significant benefits, digital signage is clearly here to stay, but what does the future hold?

2019 Digital Signage Trends

Over the years, digital signage has evolved from being a medium for disseminating basic information about certain products and services to being a multi-component powerhouse digital marketing tool. Digital signage is increasingly integrated into the lives of every consumer and remains one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand on the high street and at trade shows and expos.

For you to be able to maximise digital signs for your business, it’s important to remain updated as to what the current trends are. This will allow you to keep up with your competition and tailor your marketing strategy according to what would likely to be a hit in the industry.

Let’s look at some key trends emerging in 2019 then.

Digital Signage and the Future

According to a study by Hexa Research, the global digital signage market is anticipated to hit $20.1 billion USD (£15.4 billion) by the year 2020 - a huge leap from $13.3 billion in 2013. This development is mainly due to the reduction in prices of display panels, better user experience and economical promotion.

Around the world, digital signage is increasingly being considered as the biggest influential media for displaying information, whether it information pertaining to transportation, healthcare, education, retail or corporate messaging. It is also being widely adopted in leisure and hospitality, telecommunication, industry public, to name a few. Growth in digital-out-of home applications is expected to increase market demand for digital signs as well.

Finally, technological innovations by companies all over the globe are expected to contribute to the digital signage market’s steady growth. These companies include: Microsoft, Cisco, Panasonic, LG Electronics, Samsung, and Polk Audio among others.

Wherever in the world you may be, there’s no denying that digital signage is here to stay. It may take on other forms as the market and methods evolve in the future, but its basic premise remains. And that is to provide an easy and convenient way to promote your content on a larger scale. In a digital sphere wherein people wants everything quick, digital signage can provide your audience that fix.

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