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Dye Sublimation Print

Dye-Sublimation Printing

Large format dye-sublimation printing (or dye-sub printing) is often used to print display graphics onto textiles and fabrics, such as polyester, which is used in tension fabric frames and fabric face light boxes.

Dye-sub printing of fabrics is becoming one of the most popular methods of producing large areas of continuous graphic within a retail display environment. This is most likely because the prints are high quality, lightweight, fold down for cost-effective transportation and are easily fitted on site by store staff.

The dye-sublimation print process itself uses heat to transfer dye onto a medium such as polyester. At high temperatures the dye changes into a gas and solidifies onto fibres of the material. This technique offers a high quality vivid colour and even tones due to the consistent way the dye bonds to the fibres in the fabric. The fabric is actually permanently dyed so the material is very durable and can even be washed without affecting the quality of the printed graphic.

There are various types of textiles that can be printed on using the dye-sub printing process, these include silks, backlit fabrics, perforated meshes, stretch fabrics, netting and flag material. The prints can be finished in various ways depending on the application; they can have silicon edges sewn on for simple fitting into tension fabric frames and light boxes; or hems, loops and pockets for poles or other display and banner systems.

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W&Co can produce photo quality dye sublimation prints onto backlit fabric material for your Fabric Face light box up to 3m wide by any length or we can supply UV Direct to Media textile prints up to 5m wide by any length. They can be printed directly from your digital file. Please contact us for a free quote.