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3D LED Light Box


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It has to be seen to be believed!

Brand new 3D lightboxes are the most amazing attention grabbing advertising medium imaginable, customers will flock around the display completely entranced by the remarkable 3D graphic effect!

Small movements to the sides and up and down allow the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the 3D graphics and capture different viewing angles to amazing effect without the need of 3D glasses!

The innovative technology uses a unique form of 3D imaging where objects have such incredible depth that they appear to physically float in front of the screen so viewers believe they can actually reach out and grab the objects they see!

The product is at base level a super bright LED light box which is then used to illuminate specially produced 3D graphics through a series of lenses to create the 3D holographic image.

How it works

The 3D illuminated displays are manufactured using a patented micro lens procedure which is similar to the way in which 3D lenticulars work, such as 3D hologram postcards, but on an infinitely more advanced level to give a much more realistic and impressive 3D effect.

Step 1: We begin with a suitable image, from which a computer generated 3D model is then rendered from 30,000 different viewing angles.

Step 2: These images are output onto a special film as a 'grid'. If you imagine looking at a room through a keyhole and then there was another keyhole directly next to this one which would allow you to view the same room at a slightly different angle, this is essentially how the grid works – 30,000 tiny keyholes side by side!

Step 3: The final image grid is integrated into a sandwich of different lens plates and these lens plates feature 250,000 micro-lenses per square metre. Each match head size lens displays the complete image but fractionally shifted in perspective thus turning the image into a 3D object.

Step 4: The final layered optic lens is then backlit with LEDs to ensure complete independence from existing lighting conditions. The LED lighting provides a super bright light output of 26,000 lumens per sq/m (a normal backlit LED light box gives approximately 2500-3000 Lumen per sq/m).

People Amazed by 3D Advertising

3D Lightbox Video

Video representation of a 3D graphic

A video representation of your graphic will be supplied on order of a 3D lightbox

Customer Reviews

Ford '...we were delighted with the product and service you offered us.'

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