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MINI Car Showrooms

MINI Car Showrooms have BIG Impact!

W&Co is proud to have been working with MINI since 2004 on various prestigious projects in its car showrooms including its flagship showroom in Park Lane, London. W&Co has supplied and fitted a range of display and sign products including: digitally printed large format display graphics for car handover bays; various large format light boxes for big impact illuminated graphics; illuminated signs for their brand presence and feature lighting for highlighting areas of the showroom.

MINI Light Up The Dance Floor in Park Lane, London.

Illuminated sign and dance floor surround at MINI Park Lane car showroom MINI Park Lane, in London, was supplied with various illuminated display and sign solutions including: large format light boxes, illuminated signs, and LED feature walls for their prestigious car showroom refurbishment.

The stylish showroom was designed with a nightclub theme in mind. Illuminated signage, illuminated displays and feature lighting, supplied by W&Co, play a huge part in making this a really interesting and inviting space to draw in customers and encourage car sales.

Having worked successfully together on various other projects previously, W&Co were called in to assist in the planning and design to achieve the contemporary and stylish look they wanted to achieve.

It was decided that a range of feature lighting solutions were to be developed for different areas of the car showroom to highlight the cars and offer a contemporary nightclub feel. The main concept was to have a colour changing feature lighting surround to suit a bespoke raised platform, that became known as the 'dance floor'.

The illuminated surround was custom built to a length of 24 metres and utilised RGB colour changing LED light panels with low-iron toughened glass fascias to create a 'mini' version of W&Co's LED feature walls.

The 'dance floor' features in the centre of the car showroom and has been programmed to change through a range of colours which enhance the mood in the purposely darkened space.

LED illuminated signs were also supplied both inside and outside the showroom; fret cut sign trays with the MINI logo and LED light panels for the window arches, reception desk and feature wall.

Accompanying these signs are two large format fabric face light boxes which were ideal for the brief as the graphics can be produced in one piece for large sizes and were required to be easily changeable. The fabric face light boxes at MINI are LED illuminated, as low heat emission was a serious consideration for the client who was conscious of avoiding heat discomfort for staff and clients, as well as the added benefit of energy saving.

MINI Handover to W&Co for Display Graphics

MINI paparazzi digital wallpaper MINI Park Lane was once again in contact with W&Co when they decided that their basement handover bays were to be refurbished. MINI wanted to create a colourful and lively space where their customers collecting their new vehicle would be the star of the show.

Large format digitally printed wallpaper was an ideal solution for the curved walls and allowed the custom designed graphics to seamlessly fill the entire space, totalling almost 30m x 2m. One graphic is a photographic representation of the paparazzi and the other a custom created artwork depicting the London skyline.

The results are stunning and MINI Park Lane's Marketing Co-ordinator told us that they were, "extremely happy with the result" and, "they love any excuse to show off their new handover bays now!" .

MINI goes LARGE with Showroom Lightboxes

MINI Park Lane 'London at Night' Illuminated Wall W&Co supplied and installed large format light boxes at the MINI showroom in Park Lane. The brief was to create two illuminated graphic walls – the first, and largest, consists of a 'London at Night' graphic, providing a backdrop to the interior of the showroom. The wall is made up of 12 light boxes each 2.1 metres square in a 3 x 4 configuration, making an overall display size of nearly 53 square metres!

The second illuminated graphic wall shows an image of a New MINI Cooper S on a racing track. Super wide large format printing was required to print the display graphics. These were stretched across the large light boxes and installed into a recess, making them flush to the wall.

After site surveys and planning, W&Co successfully managed to manipulate the various sizes of the light boxes to fit around a mezzanine floor and supporting RSJ.

MINI Park Lane also required the light boxes to be dimmed at certain times of day. For this to work, the internal electrics of the light boxes had to be specially equipped with electronic dimmable ballast and low voltage wiring.

Both W&Co and MINI Park Lane were delighted with the finished result, and the showroom is now open for you to view the stunning visual effect!

MINI Derby Lightboxes make a Big Impact

Derby Mini Flex Face light box A large Flex Face light box with backlit PVC banner graphic was supplied and installed by W&Co in the MINI showroom in Derby for the launch of the new MINI Clubman. The total size of the Flex Face light box was over 6 metres in length by over 2 metres in height with one continuous graphic printed on backlit grade PVC banner stretched across the face of the light box.

The client demanded something eye catching that would make a big impact in their car showroom for the new MINI Clubman launch and a large format illuminated graphic stood out as the best display option. The graphic for the backlit banner consisted of 100's of individual artworks by various artists collated together to create a huge awe inspiring montage. The flex face light box was turned around in under 2 weeks from the finalised design to installation. The client was extremely pleased with the result and commented, "Everyone was thoroughly impressed by the artwork and it is definitely something worth seeing if you are up in the Derby area."

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