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Custom Signs, Lightboxes & Feature Lighting are a Picture of Health

W&Co has supplied various illuminated displays, signs and features to the NHS since 2004, including: feature lighting integrated into hospital reception desks; outdoor lightboxes for NHS polyclinics; slimline light boxes for medical centres and hospital waiting rooms; custom outdoor monoliths and illuminated sign lettering at hospital entrances.

Portsmouth Hospital Acrylic Faced LED Lightbox

Acrylic Faced LED lightbox NHS Portsmouth Hospital

W&Co recently supplied and installed a large format 'Hercules' LED Light Box for a clinical CT scan room at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth on behalf of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. This particular light box was supplied with a stunning backlit print of a woodland scene in Spring and it was integrated into the room to offer a calm and relaxing environment for patients waiting or undergoing treatment.

The Hercules LED light box was chosen by the NHS Trust because the hospital needed to have a hard surface to allow the surface to be wiped clean, but also wanted a large format size to fit the whole wall. With the light box requirement being large format at 3 metres wide by 2 metres high and needing an acrylic panel fascia the Hercules LED light box was the perfect solution.

The Hercules light box has a series of pegs in a channel on the top profile which allows the acrylic panels to hang down and reduce any chance of them 'bellying' out. They also come with an easy to operate hinged frame which opens up releasing the acrylic panels and allows simple graphic changing even at large sizes.

The chairman of the League of Friend Funding Committee stated, "…it's patient orientated and a nice place where patients can sit down and relax. It makes them feel at home. It makes it much more comforting for the patient and a less clinical environment."

Harefield Hospital Illuminated Signs

Harefield Hospital Sign and Reception sign letters

The supply and installation of custom signage for Harefield Hospital was the most recent project for the NHS. Signage that had been in place for many years was in need of an upgrade so the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust requested W&Co to come to site to discuss suitable signage options for the area in question.

A site survey was undertaken and then W&Co drafted 3D visuals of the proposed design for the main hospital sign and the curved canopy at the reception below it.

The signage for the main fascia wall was fabricated as built up letters in polished stainless steel with face illumination to draw visitors' attention to the entrance of the hospital. Then on the curved canopy underneath a stylish curved sign was produced consisting of a built up letters set around the curve of the canopy enhanced by halo illumination which welcomes patients and visitors to the main reception of the hospital.

Royal Marsden Hospital Reception Desk Feature Lighting

NHS Royal Marsden Hospital Illuminated Reception Desk

Architectural feature lighting was supplied and installed as part of a refurbishment of the Ellis Ward at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea, London, to create an eye catching illuminated colour changing reception desk and illuminated bulkhead.

RGB colour changing LED light panels were made up to create a faceted curve and wrap around the front of a reception desk in the Ellis Ward. The light from the LED light sheets was diffused by polycarbonate opal diffuser panels positioned at front of the reception desk. All the panels were held in place by a curved and multi grooved MDF former, with the diffuser panels set at the perfect distance away from the LED light sheets to ensure optimum light diffusion.

Feature LED lighting was also created on the bulkhead above the reception desk to create gentle ambient down lighting. Custom shaped dimmable LED light panels were supplied by W&Co, complete with an opal acrylic diffuser panel. This unit was then fitted into a ceiling recess to create a curved shaped illuminated bulkhead feature above the illuminated reception desk.

The Ellis Ward at the Royal Marsden was visited shortly after our feature lighting installation by Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health. You can see the stylish effect of architectural lighting achieved in photographs of his visit.

Lewisham & Woolwich Hospital Monoliths and Custom Sign Lettering

NHS Lewisham Hospital Entrance Monolith Sign

A series of large free standing monoliths were produced for the NHS and installed at Lewisham University Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich, South-East London. The monoliths all needed special ground cages and were concreted in to ensure they were completely secure and safe. The largest of the monoliths was fabricated to a enormous size of 2m wide and over 4.5m tall.

Custom signs were also produced at the same hospitals, showing the hospital name in custom built-up letters with halo LED illumination, making them clearly visible day and night.

NHS Polyclinics Signage

Flex Face light boxes are often used for branding shop fronts, however, these illuminated signs are also very effective at bringing the public's attention to building entrances as seen at the entrances of NHS Polyclinics. The photos below show a Flex Face light box produced for the Polyclinic in Oliver Road, London.

NHS Lightboxes for Smoking Awareness Campaign

The NHS also ordered ultra slim light boxes for their 'Smoking Awareness Campaign.' Large quantities of A4, A3 and A2 ultra slim light boxes were supplied to display graphics, around hospitals and medical centres, highlighting the effects of smoking related illnesses.

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