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Atlas LED Light Box large format recessed

Atlas LED Light Box

EU MadeCertifiedEco

The Atlas LED light box is an ultra thin light box which has been developed with a push-in cover strip frame to enable it to be fully recessed into a wall with no visible clearance gap.

The four sides of the frame push neatly into the rear profile around the edges which hold a clear acrylic front sheet, a backlit print and an opal diffuser in place. The backlit graphic is easily changed by levering the frame off with a tool, giving access to the acrylic panels and the print. The frame widths are 19mm, 25mm and 32mm; larger lightboxes require larger frames.

Atlas LED light boxes come in various depths including 32mm, 52mm, 67mm and 87mm and can be made in custom sizes up to 2000 x 1200mm in 32mm deep profile and custom sizes up to 3m x 1.8m in 52mm deep profile and other deeper profiles. The light box can come in singe sided or double sided with cable suspension kits for hanging or feet and base plates to make them freestanding.

The light box is evenly illuminated using high brightness LEDs, an LED light panel is used for 32mm deep light boxes and LED strips are utilised for light boxes 52mm deep and above.

RAL colours and special finishes, such as chrome, are available for this lightbox.

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Ford '...we were delighted with the product and service you offered us.'

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