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Spectra-Lite Light Box

SpectraLite On/Off LED Lightbox

EU MadeCertifiedEco

SpectraLite on/off, or day/night, backlit print technology is combined with our LED light boxes to really grab the attention of nearby customers.

When the motion sensor detects the presence of a person nearby the sensor then turns the lightbox on for a set duration of illumination. The customer's attention is drawn to the backlit graphic as not only is it now illuminated but also because the graphic is now displaying vibrant colours, a hidden message and/or different graphic elements.

This unique selling point also allows the LED lightbox to save on running costs, because instead of leaving the lightbox on permanently the LEDs are off when no customers are present.

SpectraLite backlit prints work by combining different images on different layers while utilising white ink to flood an intermediate layer to create a specified opacity between the layers. When non-lit the viewer can only see the top graphic layer, however, when the graphic is backlit the light shines through the layers and the viewer then sees the colours, text, graphic elements from the bottom printed layer.

The fitted motion detector is a high quality German made HUBER PIR Motion Sensor 55HF and is built neatly onto the framework of the lightbox or situated remotely as required.

The SpectraLite's changing graphics is ideal for getting advertising and promotions noticed in-store POS merchandising displays, marketing suites and shopping centres or anywhere the lightbox can help targeted potential customer and ultimately increase sales.

Customer Reviews

Ford '...we were delighted with the product and service you offered us.'

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